As the world has been adjusting to Covid, so have I. I was fortunate enough to return to my previous job where I'm a chef for a non profit that helps feed people in NYC. I never stopped giving lessons and was able to retain a couple students who switched to online sessions.

That was in March, and now we've almost reached August. NYC started up phase 4 of reopening and businesses are starting to operate again...myself included! I've restarted in person lessons at my practice studio, and will also continue to expand virtual lessons to anyone interested, locally or where ever. I'm excited to potentially meet people from all over the world doing virtual lessons. I'm also super stoked to get back into my rehearsal room and do what I love, play drums and show others how much fun it is.

That's it, just wanted to give a quick update. My daytimes are currently less available, however I'm pushing toward that being temporary.

Let's have fun, let's play the drums!