It's never too late to learn the drums


I hear this sentiment all the time from adults when they first contact me. It is like clockwork, some version of "I've loved music since I was a kid but never had the opportunity or time to learn the drums".  Well my friends, now is the time.

I say this not JUST to increase my business (nice perk), but more to show that you are in good company.

One thing that has been very surprising to me since I started teaching back in 2018, is that most of my students are 90%.   I guess I just assumed it would be largely kids/teens since that's when I took private lessons myself.  Because of this, an awesome unintended benefit to me is getting to know folks across all walks of life, involved in all different industries, at all levels. Super cool.  I love the diversity of my students as well as getting some insights into different kinds of businesses.

I've noticed that as long as there's curiosity, there's progress. That's my main takeaway from everyone, I think it's that simple. That seems to be the driving factor at least in my experience, specifically with long term students.

- Closing Thought -

Drums are awesome, that's all.