New free sheet music downloads


Hello friends, I'm happy to share that I've expanded the Beginners tab (now called Beginner Drums 101) to include some free sheet music downloads to help you get started.  Check out the link below.

These are great grooves to learn and know if you are starting out, and what I use with all my new students.  The PDFs are free to download, so print them out, mark them up, and save them for reference.  There is a donate button at the bottom of the page, every amount is appreciated.

Here is a sample of the sheet I always start with.

I plan on regularly adding more written worksheets, exercises, grooves, etc.  So keep an eye out for those.  The focus right now is mostly for beginners because that is the majority of my regular students (basically what I spend the most time thinking about in terms of sheet music).  However, I have some ideas percolating for exercises I come back to time and time again, for all students, at all levels.