Support your local artists


I know it's cliche, but supporting local artists really does make an impactful difference.  

As someone who makes my entire living based on support from individuals, I know first hand how vital every single person is.  Whether I'm teaching, playing a show, or doing some sort of freelance gig, it would be absolutely impossible to sustain if not for the support of lots of people.  I truly understand the value of every dollar I've earned, and always try to show my appreciation in return.  

I encourage everyone reading this to seek out local artists in their area and see if there's something that grabs your attention.  Maybe you've always wanted to learn something new like an instrument, or a new skill.  Or maybe a local artists produces some kind of product that you're drawn to.  Or perhaps there's an experience curated by a group of artists, such as a performance.  

Take a moment and look through your favorite publications, see if there's listings highlighting local offerings, and consider giving something a try.  It could be a one time thing, like seeing a show.  Or some sort of ongoing new hobby that might spark a whole new passion.  

Even better than finding something randomly, is getting a personal recommendation from a friend.  Bring it up in conversation.  I guarantee you'll get many captivating stories.  Use them as inspiration and go try something.

- closing thought -

There are endless choices of things to do in your free time.  Why not support someone in your community.  It could turn out to be a life changing experience, or at least a really good story to tell your friends.  I can't speak for all artists, but I personally appreciate the effort and time each person gives when they work with me.  Take the step and make someone day!