As the entire world is figuring out how the future will unfold, this is prime time to think creatively and try new things. One of the silver linings of the pandemic I hear from a lot of people who work from home, is the newly found amount of free time they have. If you're fortunate enough to have extra time,...



Space. It truly is the final frontier for drummers. We love hitting as many drums/cymbals as possible as fast as possible. But what if I said there was another way? As I've been getting back into regular teaching, the concept of space (or silence) keeps crossing my mind, so let's talk about it.



As the world has been adjusting to Covid, so have I. I was fortunate enough to return to my previous job where I'm a chef for a non profit that helps feed people in NYC. I never stopped giving lessons and was able to retain a couple students who switched to online sessions.

Besides playing drums I'm also a guitarist, singer, and professional dabbler in a handful of other instruments from around the world. I wanted to share a little about how I got into playing guitar and why learning it really helped my drumming in so many ways.

While I was back home for the holidays I went and saw the most recent Star Wars movie (The Rise of Skywalker) with my nephew. I...don' the critics say, I love the classic hero's journey storyline no matter what, even with annoying animatronics. It has existed since the beginning of time, and most likely will exist forever, in...

It's exciting to write blog posts that relate directly to my students, this being no exception. One of my absolute favorite things to witness as a teacher is to watch my students level up, an inexact term perhaps by intent, but indisputable when happening. In this specific case, the leveling up is making the plunge to play with other people,...

For me, recording yourself is one of those steps that levels up a beginner incredibly fast, and beyond invaluable for anyone looking to improve their skills. Let me explain how vital, and how easy this is.

The majority of ideas I get for blog topics come directly from student questions and/or common challenges I notice. Every single student of mine has asked me this question in one way or another, and that is "How do you figure out a drum beat just from listening to it"?